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Is US Military Dominance Nearing an End? Russia Sends Three More Warships to Syria : Against The Wall with JJink

Is US Military Dominance Nearing an End? Russia Sends Three More Warships to Syria

September 15, 2013 by  
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By James Daniels


As the Obama Administration presses for another war in the Middle East, Russia has thrown a few more wrenches into the picture.

Russia Today reports that the Russian Navy intends to expand its Mediterranean fleet to up to 10 vessels. Particularly, it will beef up its fleet near Syrian shores.

As noted in the report, Russia currently has seven vessels in the region. Now, three more are on the way, with the first set to arrive on September 15 or 16.

This appears to be the largest threat the US Military has faced in decades.  Since at least the end of the Cold War, it has been virtually unchallenged by other major nations. In both wars in Iraq and various other attacks against much weaker opponents, major powers such as China (which has at least one ship in the region now) and Russia have, at most, voiced diplomatic opposition.

However, it appears Russia is now, at the very least, ready to play a game of chicken with the United States. It is clearly sending a message the US will not have an easy time toppling the Assad regime, which everyone outside of Obama’s immediate circle knows is the ultimate agenda.

The fact that Russia is willing to take it this far for the first time since the Cold War suggests that US Military dominance is in greater question than it has been in decades. Obviously, the Kremlin believes its military has enough juice to at least cause the US to reconsider an attack on its ally. And now, thanks to Obama’s ill-advised effort to pick on another weak nation, if Russia is successful in getting the US to back off, it could be seen as a blow to US Military superiority.

Be sure to thank President Obama for getting America into this mess. While no American wants to see the US lose face to its once most-hated enemy or World War III break out, can anyone blame Moscow for taking a stand to protect its ally (and own interests) from an out-of-control US Government?

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