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Justice Department Investigating Whether MEK Speakers Accepted Illegal Fees from Terror Group

March 14, 2012 by  
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Did Alan Dershowitz accept blood money (aka speaker’s fee) from the MEK, a designated terror group? If so, he may’ve violated federal law.   For the past several years, prominent public figures including leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from the Mujahadeen al Khalq (MEK), a designated U.S. terror group. One of the most recent such individuals is Alan Dershowitz, who spoke last month at a DC MEK conference alongside Rudy Giuliani and others. Now, finally the Justice Department is investigating how the MEK paid these people. If the funds are found to have come from the group that would be a violation of federal law since Americans are not allowed to receive funds or cooperate with terror groups. Of course, the MEK is pretty shrewd about these things and doubtless paid them through a subsidiary that supposedly would not be directly connected to MEK. But if Justice can tie the entity that paid them to MEK, then these people are looking at potential criminal charges.   What I think is really happening here is that the Justice Department is firing a warning shot across the bow telling them to get off the gravy train. The MEK is not only a former terror group that has assassinated Americans, it is currently a terror group assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists. A recent Stratfor memo notes an Israeli source claiming the Mossad “contracted” these hits, which would mean it paid MEK for them. Who knows, if the memo is correct then some of the funds MEK got from these acts of terror could even be going into Dershowitz’ pocket. I’m sure he would be proud to be paid out of funds derived from the Mossad. And perhaps even proud of being paid out of fees for murdering Iranians. It would make the rest of us blanch, but likely not Dersh.   Let’s remember, shall we, the Bush administration’s valiant attempt to prevent Tariq Ramadan from “polluting” the halls of Notre Dame with his “Islamist militancy,” revoking his visa only days before he was to take up a professorship there. His “crime?” Giving charity to a Muslim fund which was found years later to be affiliated with Hamas. He was expected to have foreseen that sometime in the future the charity would become prohibited. This was enough to bar him from the U.S. for years and require a federal lawsuit to rectify the injustice done him.   MEK’s shenanigans are embarrassing the Obama administration. Besides killing Iranians and blowing up military bases, they’re also lobbying to be removed from the terror list. This presumably would enable them to be accepted into polite society and perhaps even receive covert funding directly from our own CIA. Yet a new gravy train.   But MEK is making it inconvenient by shreying against U.S. treatment of its refugees inside Iraq, demanding that they be repatriated from there. Rudy Giuliani even called the camp housing the MEK members “a concentration camp.” I think Rudy went one bridge too far. I posted about this recently.   Ed Rendell, who’s made eight speeches for MEK, earned $160,000 in blood money. I hope he pays twice as much in legal fees defending himself. Of course, he would never have spoken just for the gelt. It’s the principle of the thing you understand:

“I made a lot of money last year,” Mr. Rendell said. “I don’t need the money. I would never sacrifice my reputation for any amount of money.”   He’s even attempting to argue that the events at which he spoke were subsidized not by MEK, but by wealthy Iranian supporters he met from the audience. If that’s the case, then I suppose he can produce the check and prove it.